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首届数据智能与安全国际会议(ICDIS’18)将在美国休斯顿南部的South Padre Island中举办。所有会议录用论文将发表在IEEE Xplore中,部分优秀论文经扩展之后将受邀发表在一序列的高水平期刊中(期刊列表将近期更新)。具体征文信息如下,欢迎投稿。

CFP: The 1st International Conference on Data Intelligence and Security (ICDIS’18)

Data intelligence and data security are two closely related views, with data management serving as the base for both data intelligence and data security. In the era of big data, data management, data intelligence and data security are all very important, and present constant challenges for both academia and industry. Those challenges provide great opportunities for innovative ideas, tools and technologies.

The First International Conference on Data Intelligence and Security (ICDIS-2018) aims to: (1) provide a unique forum where data management, data intelligence, and data security are all involved; (2) provide a forum for researchers, experts, professionals and stakeholders in related fields to disseminate their recent advances and share their views on future perspectives.

The first ICDIS will be held on April 8-10, 2018, at South Padre Island (SPI), Texas, USA. South Padre Islandhttp://www.myspi.org/ is a tropical island located in the Mexico Gulf, an ideal location for a fruitful and relaxing conference.

Accepted papers will be presented at the conference and published in IEEE Xplore.

Selected papers will be invited to submit their extended version to reputed Journals (will be available soon).

ICDIS-2018 is co-sponsored by IEEE and The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV).